Sting Operation

Sting Operations

Sting operations are operations carried out to catch a person committing any crime. In this operation, the person is caught red handed while he or she is committing the crime. These kinds of operations are illegal in many countries as it intrudes with the privacy of the person while he is enacting a private act. But it is not illegal in our country and can be carried out in case of people with strong suspicion and definitely with legal permission. Sting operations are like those of long standing crime busting tools which are carried out by professional executives at our agency..

In this kind of investigation, generally a tool for recording the proceedings of the event is used like that of a camera or a video camera as the entire procedure is done under cover and these are later used as evidences to prove the crime against that of the evicted. These operations are done maintaining extreme secrecy and confidentiality. The executives plan the entire session which is in accordance with the suspect's movement based on which the entire program is planned. The operation has to taken care of as if busted the criminal becomes aware and is therefore never caught.

We here at Bharat Detectives have executed several successful sting operations in the past both officially licensed and also in private. Our operations have become extremely successful and profitable for us. We have proved that we are the very best in this field.