Fraud Investigation

Fraud investigation

One of our many best works includes investigation for fraudulence and treachery. We are expert in this field with the highest number of cases being faced and then solved by our agency in this department. We are an expert in this issue and therefore have a specific department for investigation in this department.

Here are a few detailed departments of fraudulence investigation which are listed below:

  • Investigation regarding marriage fraudulence and cheating. This is done for either of the partners and then the client is notified.
  • Investigation of post and pre divorce cases to detect treachery in any of the partners. Detailed proof is collected and then the client is informed.
  • Investigation of business partners in joint venture of business in case to detect if there is any kind of cheating or if there are any fraudulent partners. Investigation regarding multiple partners in a business is also done.
  • Check originality of employment in a company before and after joining. To check if the company is original, their license and investigation regarding their claims.
  • Checking and investigation of legal documents to check any kind of defects in the paperwork. We have lawyers and advocates in our team who verify the information and pass it on to the clients.
  • Investigation in case of property disputes. To check if any of the property share holders are causing any harm to the client or planning committing any crime against our client.
  • These are some of the examples and there are many more.