Bharat Detectives is the organization that serves you in all your needs. We understand that how much-needed to get the satisfaction that everything with you is loyal towards you in your personal life. So, if you have any doubt then the pre-matrimonial investigations to post-matrimonial investigations, we can do for you. We do the loyalty test as well. So, you don’t need to go through the mental pain as we are here to help you. Just give us a call or find some time to visit our branch. Not to worry, your personal details will not be unclosed, it will be kept with us perfectly.

We know how important to know the employees and competitors for the success of your organization. So, if you want any information about labour Cases, Under Cover Operations, Insurance Claims Verification's, Pilferage, Theft Cases and more, then Bharat Detectives is the name that assists you properly. We perfectly do the pre-employment verification and post-employment verification of employees as well. So, let us know your need and we give you the best result for running the business perfectly with proper analyzing of these matters.

100% Complete Your Investigation

Personal Investigation

  • Pre-matrimonial investigative services.
  • Post matrimonial investigations.
  • Background checks for business, recruitment and personal.
  • Divorce investigations.
  • Loyalty Test.
  • Surveillance.

Apart from serving individuals Bharat Detectives also offers corporate investigative services relating to:

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Our High Level Investigation

Other Investigation

  • Financial fraud investigations.
  • Labour court cases.
  • Assets verifications.
  • Tracing skipped or absconding persons.
  • Undercover work.
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Our extensive years of experience allow us to give you the better solution of your need. We can offer you local to global services so reach to us for discussing your issues and our experts will give you the best solution. So, use our private detectives for the investigation of confidential verification's, matrimonial and inquires for business as well as personal investigations. Our spy products and mobile software also help us to perform one step ahead. Getting assistance from the detective agency is not a cool situation for you but we have the full faith that your experience working with us should be perfect, satisfactory and reliable.

Why To Choose Us

Bharat detectives is among the top ranked detective agencies all over India. We with our extremely qualified professional group of private investigators can crack the toughest of all cases be it criminal or non-criminal very efficiently and in better way than any other private investigation company all over India.

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