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Faith is the base of any relationship. But you are missing out of those then time is to hold your emotions and know the reality. How you get to know that everything is your assumption or reality. So, here you need to hire us, The Bharat Detectives for the Matrimonial Investigations Agency. We will help you to know the truth and your peach will be earned properly.

Pre - matrimonial investigations

Pre-matrimonial investigations in India are an absolute must. In older days matches were arranged by members of community through known and trusted channels. These days it is matrimonial agencies, online and offline, from where people find life partners. You never know whether what they claim about themselves, their status and their financial matters is true or not. Finding it out after marriage can only lead to life-long distress. Instead, be sure about the person you plan to choose as your life partner. It will save a lot of bother later on and also keep your reputation intact.

How We Do It :-

  • Just let us know contact details of the person to be investigated and a photo if possible. We assign specifically chosen agents specializing in pre-matrimonial investigations to carry out discreet inquiries.
  • Our matrimonial detective checks the family background of the candidate and makes inquiries in the neighborhood about personal integrity and habits of the person.
  • We carry out checks at the place of work or business and colleagues or business associates to know the personal side and the business or career side and verify that they are who they claim to be.
  • We carry out investigation into their finances and their liabilities.
  • We check with their friends circle.
  • If necessary we carry out video surveillance and record video as well as conversations.

Post Matrimonial Investigations

People marry in haste and repent at leisure is a popular saying. It happens in quite a number of cases these days. Wedded bliss does not last forever, especially if one partner turns out to be a fraudster or develops illicit relations or gets involved in company that steers him towards gambling or other addictive activities. You need post matrimonial investigative help to find out the truth. Bharat Detective offers complete post matrimonial investigative services. If you notice a change in routine or behavior of your spouse then you should call us for investigations and set your mind at rest.

Post matrimonial investigative services

Investigations ideally should be carried out prior to matrimony but this is not always the case, whether it is an arranged marriage fixed with a partner found through marriage portals or through love. However, spousal behaviours and attitudes can change after marriage and you may have your suspicions. Call us to set your mind at rest. We will carry out thorough investigation covering:

  • Daily routine at office and after routine office work, places visited, people contacted and so on;
  • Check if person travels and carry out surveillance of their activities wherever they go;
  • Check circle of friends and relatives of person investigated to know gossip and rumours and follow up;
  • Carry out video and audio surveillance and record meetings and take photographs discreetly;
  • Check health status to know if this or drug or alcoholism is causing change in routine and behaviors ;
  • Gather incontrovertible and incontestible evidence of spousal infidelity should a client plan to initiate divorce proceedings;
  • Gather information from internet and online social activities to add to evidence.

Divorce Cases Investigations

Is your partner not loyal to you and your family? Yes you know it by heart but do not have proof to prove in the way of truth. Well here we are. Bharat Detectives carries out investigation before and after divorce cases to collect all the proof that is required in legal grounds so that an appeal can be made in the honorable court for a separation and also for compensation. As these cases are extremely delicately handled, we choose a special squad of our team who execute the assignment with care but also with efficacy.

You can completely rely on us in these cases. We completely keep the information safe and secure and honor your privacy. The information collected from the client and also the information gathered is not shared with any one without due permission of the customer.

More about Matrimonial Investigations Agency

• It can be possible you are going to be in a relationship and want to own the information about you would be a partner before changing the marital status. Really, appreciate your thought and for the matrimonial Investigations Agency, we are just a call away. Just clarify your requirements and we will start our work for giving proper information. You may want to know professional as well and personal details. So, tell us about that and our expert team will investigate the liabilities to the background check to give you the perfect picture. Our findings will deliver to you with proper evidence and if you want the writing copy of that, then you will get that as well. Everything will be transparent and after that, you get the right picture.

• You are married but nowadays behavior of your spouse changes day after day then immediately you should contact Bharat Detectives for the matrimonial investigation Agency. We offer the complete post matrimonial investigative services for you to help yourself. We start with the daily routine and also surveillance of traveling and more to know your spouse. We will surely identify the reason behind the behavior changes and more. It can be possible you notice the double-dealing, only you don’t have the proof, then also we are here to help you. We will give you the proof for giving the strength to your case. We also give you the legal support and trained matrimonial detective investigators who will be with you as a witness for your case. So, trust us and see how you get the relief from the daily circumstances.

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