Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigations

People marry in haste and repent at leisure is a popular saying. It happens in quite a number of cases these days. Wedded bliss does not last forever, especially if one partner turns out to be a fraudster or develops illicit relations or gets involved in company that steers him towards gambling or other addictive activities. You need post matrimonial investigative help to find out the truth. Bharat Detective offers complete post matrimonial investigative services. If you notice a change in routine or behavior of your spouse then you should call us for investigations and set your mind at rest.

Post matrimonial investigative services

Investigations ideally should be carried out prior to matrimony but this is not always the case, whether it is an arranged marriage fixed with a partner found through marriage portals or through love. However, spousal behaviours and attitudes can change after marriage and you may have your suspicions. Call us to set your mind at rest. We will carry out thorough investigation covering:

  • Daily routine at office and after routine office work, places visited, people contacted and so on;
  • Check if person travels and carry out surveillance of their activities wherever they go;
  • Check circle of friends and relatives of person investigated to know gossip and rumours and follow up;
  • Carry out video and audio surveillance and record meetings and take photographs discreetly;
  • Check health status to know if this or drug or alcoholism is causing change in routine and behaviors ;
  • Gather incontrovertible and incontestible evidence of spousal infidelity should a client plan to initiate divorce proceedings;
  • Gather information from internet and online social activities to add to evidence.